Hydraulic pool lifts operate by mains water pressure. They are composed of a main mast, a chair and a hydraulic piston that allows its vertical and rotating movement (following a rail system). They have been specially designed to facilitate access to swimming pools for people with reduced mobility. 

The movement of the users is stable, safe and can accomodate up to 140 kg. The angle of rotation is at least 150º. This system guarantees a movement facing the water, a fact that provides greater comfort and safety to the user.

All ACCESS pool lifts have a double action drive system to provide a with maximum autonomy (both when entering and exiting the water), so the  the user cam manage the hoist without the need for assistance. 

Depending on the type of swimming pool, the depth, the Surface, the needs of the end user we offer four diferent models that cover all the market needs.

In Blautec, as manufacturers, we have designed and produced different models of hydraulic pool lifts to facilitate the access to the swimming pool for people facing mobility issues. Specifically, we offer four different models that adapt to all types of swimming pools and depths: ACCESS B1, ACCESS B2, ACCESS B4 and ACCESS B4XL

In keeping with our aim of bringing water and all its benefits to everyone, we ensure that every customer can purchase their hydraulic pool lift at an affordable price, as we offer a personalised quote according to the needs of each customer.

What water pressure is necessary for the operation of the pool lift? 

For the installation of the hydraulic pool lift, a water supply with a minimum pressure of 3.5 bar and a maximum of 5 bar is required. 

Pool lifts ensure accessibility to the water in community swimming pools, which is of great benefit and improves the quality of life for many people. Every day more and more sports centres, hotels and families are installing this type of pool lifts because of their price, safety and ease of maintenance. 

Blautec's hydraulic lifts are manufactured with high quality materials, are highly resistant to outdoor conditions and are CE certified. 

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