ACCESS B4 & B4XL. Fixed adjustable hydraulic lifts for pool, with low maintenance, with high safety features and adaptable to all pool surfaces.
NEW: With higher lifting capacity, approved up to 150 kg.

Pool lift features ACCESS B4 & B4XL

handicap pool lift ok

Equipment recommended for seasonal pools.

handicap pool lift ok

Large lifting capacity, approved up to 150 kg. Maximum capacity when the lift is in use, requiring a pressure of between 3.5 and 5.5 bar.

Fixed pool lift with an anchor attached to the swimming pool.

Adaptable to all types of pools , including non-overflowing ones. Its adjustable structure allows it to be adapted to different types of pool profiles.

Adjustable according to the depth of the pool. Suitable for shallower pools.

Easy installation, it only requires three stainless steel plugs, bolted to the pavement and three simple supports.

User friendly access. Water-facing transfer with rigid footrest for greater comfort and safety of the user.

Maximum autonomy for people with reduced mobility. Double operation system activated from the inside and the outside of the swimming pool to offer greater independence to the user.

Manufactured at Blautec the structure is constructed in stainless steel AISI 316L and the seat is made of polypropylene, materials suitable for outdoor use.

CE certified product

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ACCESS B4/ B4 XL swimming pool lift technical data

Maximum lifting capacity: 150 kg

Turning angle: 160º

Required pressure: 3.5 to 5 bars

Anchor arm: 355 / 655 mm

Minimum depth: 800 mm

Weight approx .: 43 / 44,5 kg

Dimensions: 2425 x 700 mm

Available accessories:

Harness and headrest to hold the user.

Schemes: Elevation and plan

Plano de la planta de la silla de piscina para minusválidos Access B1
Croquis del alzado del ascensor de piscina para discapacitados físicos Access B1

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