Solve the accessibility needs for all types of swimming pools

with a lifting capacity of up to 160 Kg & a wide turn of up to 180 degrees.

Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto
Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto
Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto
Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto
Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto
Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto
Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto
Menu elevador piscina acces b1, portátil y robusto

I need an accessible pool

What is a Hydraulic Pool Lift?

Blautec ACCESS hydraulic lifts for swimming pools are manufactured in Europe (Barcelona) and make therapeutic and recreational swimming possible, by providing users with limited mobility the ability to get safely in and out of the pool, thanks to its rotation vertical movement of up to 180º,  and are also designed to provide maximum autonomy to the user.

ACCESS pool lifts are resistant, safe, easy to install and meet all functional and aesthetic requirements to provide users with special needs an alternative to pool stairs. We manufacture a wide range of models to cover all customer needs and types of pools, requiring minimal depth at the installation site and supporting users with a maximum weight of 160kg.

Blautec, a company committed to inclusion and accessibility

At ACCESS, we work with a commitment to inclusion and social responsibility to achieve a society where diversity and plurality are embraced, and where people with disabilities or special needs find themselves in an environment of equality. We are dedicated to accessibility to provide all individuals with the best bathing experience, continuously developing and enhancing all our pool lifts or hoists to create 100% accessible environments.

Pool lifts ensure access to water, a factor that is highly beneficial and improves the quality of life for many people.

Advantages of ACCESS Pool Lifts:

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NEWS: With the highest lifting capacity on the market

Tested and approved to support up to 160 kg lifting weight.

Elevador fabricado por Blautec

Own manufacture in Europe (Barcelona)

Our ACCESS Pool lifts are manufactured entirely in our workshop in Barcelona, ​​where our quality control always supervises their optimal operation.

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Smooth, comfortable and safe

The movement is smooth, safe an accomodate up to 160 kg. The 180º turning angle guarantees a movement facing the water, a fact that provides greater comfort and safety to user.

Fácil de instalar

Easy to install and to assemble

Its installation only requires a water connection and a minimum surface fixation. There are fixed pool lift models with a simple anchor and portable ones.

Adaptable a todo tipo de piscinas

For all types of pools

Our models can be adapted to pools of various dimensions, shapes, depths and types of overflow.

Requiere mínimo mantenimiento

Minimal maintenance

ACCESS risers can withstand many years with only the need to review and renew their joints.

Icon: Máxima autonomía para el usuario

Maximum autonomy, double operation

All ACCESS pool lifts have a double drive to facilitate autonomy for the user both to enter and exit the water.

Fabricado con productos de primera calidad

High quality and certified resistance

The ACCESS Pool lifts, are made with quality materials; are highly resistant on the outside and inside and have a CE certificate.

pueden añadir accesorios para mejorar la seguridad

Allow accessories to enhance safety

Some lifts include footrests, and all offer the possibility of incorporating harnesses or headrests to improve comfort for customers who require it.

pueden añadir accesorios para mejorar la seguridad

Technical assistance and permanent permanent stock of spare parts

Our manufacturing and maintenance team offers technical support and a permanent stock of spare parts.

ACCESS Pool lifts models

Pool Lift for accessibility ACCESS B4
Pool Lift for accessibility ACCESS B2
Pool Lift for accessibility ACCESS B1

There are several types of pool lifts designed to facilitate access to the pool. A key factor is the installation and adaptability to different pool profiles. We manufacture various models to offer fixed both fixed and portable solutions that allow sharing the same lift between multiple pools.

The ACCESS B1 model is a portable hydraulic lift that, through simple anchor points on the edge allows the transfer and installation of the lift, making possible to share it between different pools within the same facility, such as a sports center, hotel or camping pools, a spa, or others.

This same lift is available in its static version: the ACCESS B2 model, which like its sibling B1, features an extendable arm to adapt to different pools and overflow types. A robust, resistant, and safe unit, which also includes a footrest for added comfort.

On the other hand, we have the ACCESS B4 and B4 XL models, fixed hydraulic lifts, which are very easily installed by anchoring them with three screws to the pavement. Our technical team recommends them for seasonal pools, highlighting their adaptability to any type of pool, even those with less depth.

Finally, we have the new ACCESS B5 model, recently added to the catalog, a new, more compact and elegant pool lift. This new pool lift model improves the aesthetics and functionality of ACCESS lifts to offer a more compact and portable lift between pools within the same facility.

All ACCESS pool lifts are made of AISI 316L stainless steel structure and polypropylene pool seat, both materials fully suitable for outdoor use and highly corrosion-resistant. Very durable materials that guarantee a long service life for the lifts.

Pool lifts models and technical characteristics

Weight capacity 160 Kg 160 Kg 150 Kg 150 Kg
Rotation angle 150º 150º 160º 180º
Anchor arm Telescopic
620 to 960 mm
620 to 960 mm
355 / 655 mm 250 to 1200 mm
Minimum depth 1100 mm 1100 mm 800 mm 860 mm
Dimensions 3110x1300 mm 3110x1300 mm 2425x700 mm 1650x850 mm
Weight (approx.) 54 Kg 54 Kg 43 /45 Kg 26 Kg

What is the price of an ACCESS pool lift?

The prices of pool lifts vary depending on the features and capabilities they offer; other factors that influence their price are the materials used in their manufacture and the guarantees of operation and durability they may offer.

ACCESS pool lifts are made with the best materials, ensuring a long product life. Their structure and cylinder are made of AISI 316 L stainless steel, and the seat is made of polypropylene, suitable for outdoor use.

They also come with suitable accessories for different models to enhance the user experience and comfort, such as the harness and headrest set, and the foldable footrest for ACCESS B1 and B2 models.

Whether you are a homeowner with a private pool, a community manager, or a manager of a collective use facility (gym, sports center, hotel, camping, school, rehabilitation center, etc.), we can help make your pool  fully accessible to all your customers and users.

Contact our technical team to help you choose the model that best suits your needs. With professional advice, you can purchase the best pool lift for your facility.

How does an ACCESS pool lift work?

Pool lifts operate using the force provided by the water pressure from the mains, which should always be between 3.5 and 5.5 bars. They are composed of a main mast, a seat, and a hydraulic piston that allows vertical and rotational movement (following a rail system).

User movement is smooth, comfortable, and safe, supporting up to 160 kg. The lift moves vertically on its own axis, offering a minimum rotation angle of 150º. This system ensures movement facing the water, with a clockwise rotation, providing great comfort and safety to the user. To prevent risks, they also have a three-way valve that ensures that, in case of descent failure, it still offers smooth movement.

All ACCESS pool lifts have dual operation to provide maximum autonomy to users with reduced mobility (both when entering and exiting the water). This way, the same user can use the pool lift without assistance.

The lifts have a seat made of materials resistant to sun and water so that a single user can sit comfortably and safely throughout the lift's journey. There are also additional accessories for user support or restraint, which we recommend using whenever available.

What other features do ACCESS lifts have to offer?

Designed for maximum safety and durability
All ACCESS pool lifts are manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel structure and polypropylene pool chair, both materials totally suitable for outdoor use and with a high resistance to corrosion. These materials are highly durable and guarantee a long service life for the lifts. It is fixed to the surface of the pool, stable and secure, and never requires any work to be carried out inside the pool.

In-house production and quality control
The new lift, like all ACCESS lifts, is manufactured in-house in our workshop located in Igualada, Barcelona, Spain. All parts are manufactured in Europe, guaranteeing high standards of quality and reliability. Before being marketed, each lift undergoes rigorous quality controls, where the finishes are checked to rule out any irregularities that could compromise the safety of the user. In addition, they are subjected to operating tests with high weight loads to ensure their optimum performance in real situations. This commitment to quality and safety reflects our commitment to providing durable and reliable products to our customers.

Easy installation and minimal maintenance
For the installation and use of the elevator, although it is very intuitive, no specific training is required, but it is advisable to read and follow the instructions in the instruction manual. For its maintenance, it is only necessary to observe its operation to assess the need to renew its internal seals so that, with the passage of time or use, they do not lose water. There is a maintenance kit and a specific manual so that a maintenance technician can easily take on the task.

Technical service and permanent stock of spare parts
In Blautec, as manufacturers, we know every detail of our elevator and its operation. From our workshop we offer personalised technical advice and distribute all the necessary spare parts.

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