ACCESS lifts around the world and for all types of pools

ACCESS pool lifts have no limits.

They have been installed all over the world and in pools of all kinds (in large collective pools, in water parks, hotels, neighborhood communities, rehabilitation centers and even in private pools).

Pool lift in Costa Rica

Hotel Amor Arenal (Costa Rica)

Pool Lift model: ACCESS B1
Location: Fortuna (Costa Rica)

The Hotel installed our portable model in its pools ACCESS B1. As the lift is portable, it can be shared with all the hotel's community pools.

The added value of this is that they have accessible pools for everyone who wants to enjoy a good vacation.

Pool lift in a multiple pools center

David Lloyd Clubs

Pool Lift model: ACCESS B4
Location: Gavà (Barcelona)

The David Lloyd sports centre in Gavà Mar, located on the outskirts of the city of Barcelona, has improved its exclusive installations in 2022 to ensure the access to all users of its equipment with the acquisition of two Access B4 lifts for its swimming pools. 

Pool lift in a multiple pools center

Institut Guttmann

Pool Lift model: ACCESS B2
Location: Badalona (Barcelona)

The Intitut Guttmann is a hospital specialising in the comprehensive rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries, brain damage or disabilities of neurological origin. 

For their treatments they also use the swimming pool for rehabilitation exercises. In order for their patients to have easy access to the water, they have our ACCESS B2 pool lift.

Pool lift in a multiple pools center

Residents' pool

Pool Lift model: ACCESS B4
Location: Barcelona (Barcelona)

A community of neighbors located in the city of Barcelona has installed an ACCESS B4 lift in its community pool to facilitate access to the water, especially for one of its neighbors with reduced mobility.

Now Sandra can freely enjoy the community pool. In addition, she will be able to do so without the need for assistance thanks to the autonomy offered by the lift with its double drive from inside and outside the pool.

Pool lift in Costa Rica

Municipal pool of Montesquiu

Pool Lift model: ACCESS B4
Location: Montesquiu (Barcelona)

The City Council of Montesquiu has in its municipal pool a fixed elevator ACCESS B4. This elevator, adaptable to most public swimming pools, offers access to water to any citizen, removing barriers to make the bathroom accessible to people with reduced mobility who wish to enjoy their public facilities.

With the closure of the pool at the end of the season, in Montesquiu, follow our advice to disassemble and store the elevator to ensure its long durability and avoid unnecessary maintenance.

Pool lift in a multiple pools center

Infinit Sports Center

Pool Lift model: ACCESS B1
Location: Igualada (Barcelona)

One of the largest sports centers in our city , with indoor and outdoor pools have our portable pool lift to be shared between all the pools in the center.

Without a doubt, a facility makes all its pools accessible so that everyone can carry out the water activities that provide so many benefits.

Pool lift in Costa Rica

Forum Barcelona Bathing Area

Pool Lift model: ACCESS B4
Location: Barcelona (Barcelona)

The bathing area of the Forum of Barcelona is a space where you can enjoy the sea to carry out the same activities that are carried out on the beach, but without sand. The space has an area for people with reduced mobility with the aim of making it easier for them to enter and exit the water, using, if it's required, the Access pool lift that Blautec has specially adapted for the characteristics of its installations.

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