Hydraulic pool lifts: the definitive solution for all types of pools

Increasingly, swimming pools are no longer a luxury for the few and their acquisition has become more accessible over the years.

Whether you are the owner of a residential swimming pool, or one for collective use (gym centre, sports centre, hotel, campsite, school, rehabilitation facility,...), we can assist you providing a wide range of suitable solutions and turn your swimming pool into a fully accessible one for all your customers and users. For example, with elements as important as pool cranes and/or lifts.

In Blautec we are designers and manufacturers of the Access B1, B2, B4 and B4XL models. All of them, manufactured with high quality materials and that comply with all current safety standards.

As manufacturers, we can offer you a wide range of prices depending on the selection of the model and offer a personalised sales service, supply, installation, customer service and maintenance.

We can find countless types of swimming pools: in ground, above ground, with glass walls, infinity, conventional, large, small... For all of them, Blautec can offer a wide range of solutions in accessibility to fit all type of swimming pool facilities.

Speak to a member of our expert team to assist you with a personalised solution.

Pool lift installed on Hotel pool in Costa Rica

Pool lifts are synonymous with accessibility in all types of pools.

We encounter all types of difficulties, particularly in residential swimming pools where most of the time there is a lack of space and needs to comply with strict accessibility and safety standards. In Blautec, aware of the problems and the different types of pools we have developed innovative solutions and so provide to all our users the possibility to enjoy the bathing experience.

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