The hydraulic pool lifts designed by Blautec do not require large and troublesome works for their installation.

In the specific case of the ACCESS B1 pool lift, it is enough to drill the floor and embed the anchor, in which the hook will be placed and the lift will be positioned. Its fixing system is practical, simple and with a single recessed anchor and three supports.

Anchorage Acces pool lift B1

Installation instructions for the Access B1 lifter

Instruction installation pool lift

1. Position the anchor according to measurements. Drill and embed the anchor in the surface.

Instruction installation pool lift

2. Position the lift in the pool and place the hook on the anchor. Lower the hook and lower the lifter into the water.

Instruction installation pool lift

3. Once the lifter has been positioned, screw the fixing shaft on the inside wall and adjust the height of the adjustment feet. Insert the water inlet.

In the case of the ACCESS B2, ACCESS B4 and B4XL hydraulic lifts, only the pool lift must be placed on the floor, the three holes in the plate of the anchoring arm (measuring 20 cm) must be marked and drilled. Then, the lift and the earthing terminal must be fitted, adjusting the lower stop. Finally, the water connection that feeds the entire circuit must be fitted.

Assembly instructions for Access B2, Access B4 and B4XL lifter

anchor handicap pool lifts
handicap pool lifts

1. Present the lift in its position in the pool to mark the holes for the anchoring. Drill the 3 holes.

Instructions handicap pool lifts

2. Place the lifter in the water. Screw in the lower stop to position the lifter straight.

handicap pool lifts

3. Connect the water inlet and feed the booster with water to obtain the necessary pressure for its operation.

What water pressure is necessary for the correct operation of the lift?

It is important to remember that, for the installation of our pool lifts, a water supply with a minimum pressure of 3.5 bar and a maximum of 5 bar is necessary.

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