Accessibility is a very important issue to consider when it comes to the construction of a swimming pool. It is necessary to ensure that all people, including those with reduced mobility, have the possibility to enjoy a swimming pool.

Features that make a pool accessible include stairs with handrails, ramps, lifting platforms and transfer devices.

Stairs with handrails: Stairs are a common way to access a pool, but to be accessible they must have handrails for people to lean on while entering and exiting the pool. It is important that handrails are at a suitable height and position so that they are accessible to all users.

Access ramp: An access ramp is another option to allow access to the pool. Ramps can be an excellent option for people who use wheelchairs or who have difficulty going up and down stairs. As with stairs, ramps should have handrails to ensure the safety of users.

Platform lifts: Lifting platforms are mechanical devices that allow wheelchair users to enter and exit the pool safely and comfortably. These devices lift users up to pool level and then gently lower them into the water, such as Access lifts.

Transfer devices: Transfer devices, such as booster seats, can help users move from a wheelchair to the pool. These devices are used in conjunction with a ramp or lift platform to allow a safe and comfortable transfer.

In addition to complying with local accessibility laws and regulations, building an accessible pool can also be a great way to make your pool more inclusive and welcoming to all people.

In short, an accessible pool is a great way to make your pool more inclusive and welcoming to all people. Make sure you have a team of experienced and qualified professionals to ensure that your pool meets accessibility standards and is safe and comfortable for all users.

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